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Birthstones: A way to get personal

One of our favorite birthday gift ideas is giving someone jewelry that is associated with their birthstone.

For each month in the year, there is a designated birthstone which dates back to ancient times. Each birthstone has a unique historical significance and meaning. Ancient civilizations believed these gemstones to have valuable powers such as health, prosperity and good luck. Most months have one gemstone but some months have more than one.

The beautiful color and personal significance make birthstone jewelry a great gift.

January Birthstone: Garnet 

Garnet represents faith, love and consistency. This gemstone is believed to provide directional guidance in the darkness making it ideal for frequent travelers. Most garnet stones are a deep red color.

February Birthstone: Amethyst 

Ancient cultures believed the amethyst stone promotes temperance. At one time, only royalty could wear this purple gem, but today it provides peace, serenity, strengthened relationships and courage to those that wear it.  

March Birthstone: Aquamarine  

Historically, water in which aquamarine was soaked was used to fight off poison and illness. Named after seawater, the stone reflects the calmness and serenity.

April Birthstone: Diamonds  

Diamonds are well-known symbols of everlasting love used to represent commitment and marriage. They also signify invincibility and were known to bestow courage upon those that wear it. 

May Birthstone: Emerald  

Emeralds were mined earliest in Egypt. In fact, the gem was one of Queen Cleopatra's favorites. Emeralds have historically been associated with love, happiness and prosperity. 

June Birthstone: Pearl  

Pearls are found in marine and freshwater bodies of water. The Greeks believed they were the hardened tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Individuals wore pearls to increase personal integrity and growth. 

July Birthstone: Ruby  

Ruby is named after the Latin word for red. The stone provides strength and nobility. Ancient Hindus believed the stone could  protect its wearer from evils of the world. The ruby represents good fortune, good friends and passion. 

August Birthstone: Peridot  

Peridot's signature lime green color. The stone can be found in volcanic rock, inside crystals of mountains and sometimes even meteorites from outer space. The stone symbolizes strength, beauty and morality. 

September Birthstone: Sapphire   

Sapphires symbolize wisdom and purity. The word is Greek for "blue," however sapphires come in multiple colors. The gem is traditionally linked to happiness, serenity, and romance.

October Birthstone: Opal   

The word Opal stems from the Latin word opalus, which means "precious jewel." The stone represents faithfulness and confidence. Opal necklaces in particular are thought to repel evil. The stone is luminescent and reflects multiple colors. 

November Birthstone: Topaz/Citrine 

Yellow topaz or citrine are associated with strength and healing for both body and mind, offering good mental health and intellect as they clear the mind. Topaz gets its name from the Greek island formally known as Topázios. Citrine is named for the French word for “lemon,” since the stone contains a yellow-orange color

December Birthstone: Blue Topaz   

Blue topaz is promoted as a love charm and symbol of good fortune and success. Also believed to promote peace and relaxation, it is said to relax the mind, protect the wearer from harm, and may relieve or prevent pain.