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27 Facts About Diamonds

Rare. Beautiful. Timeless. 

  1. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas,” which means “unconquerable.”
  2. Diamonds are the only product where it says right on TV that they are forever. They are estimated by scientists to be 3.4 billion years old.
  3. A diamond is worn for decades by its first recipient and then passed down to the next generation. They can wear it for decades more, and the diamond will still look exactly like it did the day it was purchased.
  4. The ancients believed that diamonds were splinters that fell off of stars or that they were tears that fell from God’s eyes.
  5. Diamonds became the traditional symbol of love in ancient Greece. Kings have worn diamonds through the ages as a symbol of strength, courage, invincibility and power.
  6. In 1477, the archduke Maximilian of Austria personally gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, and that is when the tradition of the diamond engagement ring was started.
  7. Diamonds are very rare. They come from Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada and other places. De Beers says they have to mine 250 tons of diamond ore to produce 1 carat weight of gem-quality polished diamond.
  8. Each diamond is cut by a master with highly-skilled hands and years of required training before he or she is allowed to work with large crystals.
  9. Diamonds are the epitome of both nature and the craftsmanship of man.
  10. Diamonds are the universal symbol of love and wealth.
  11. Diamonds are a very small form of transportable, negotiable wealth.
  12. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  
  13. A diamond on the 10th or 20th anniversary tells her you would marry her all over again. 
  14. Diamonds are the most sought-after gemstone of all. 
  15. Diamonds inhale light and breathe fire.
  16. A diamond is Mother Nature’s love affair with light.
  17. Diamonds can do their best work in dimly-lit places.
  18. Diamonds are the doghouse key getter-outer.
  19. When diamonds are cut to triple-zero or triple-X, they set the standards that all others are judged by.
  20. Diamonds are the only known substance whose beauty is unaffected by age.
  21. Diamonds have a sentimental journey. The longer they are worn and passed down, the more priceless they become.
  22. A diamond is not expensive if you keep it forever — it costs only cents per day.
  23. I’ve never seen a lab report make a diamond dance. Light does.
  24. Every diamond is like a snowflake or a fingerprint — no two are alike. They all have internal characteristics strategically placed by Mother Nature.
  25. Diamond is a symbol of purity, and it forms only under tremendous heat and pressure.
  26. Diamonds are always in style and they go with anything.
  27. When we sell diamonds, we are actually selling life, forever, timeless, family, tradition, achievement, memories, heirlooms, love, forgive me, a lifetime, engagement, anniversary, babies, happiness, just because. We really don’t sell diamonds; we sell feelings and emotions.